In a time when every day is a national holiday, ‘National Wine Day’, ‘National Siblings Day’, ‘National Hot Dog Day’, let’s not forget the significance of this day that should be celebrated to its fullest. On this day we honor those who have served, sacrificed, and suffered so those who can’t and simply don’t can live in peace and comfort. Let’s not forget that there are men and women who leave their families and friends for extended periods of time to live in very uncomfortable climates, sleep on a pad, live with little to no privacy and shower in water that is the equivalent of the sand that blasted them during the last 48 sleepless hours. Let’s not forget that while we unconsciously walk the paved sidewalks of our safe streets, a solider has or is taking each step with extreme caution simply to stay alive for their next calculated step. Let’s not forget that there are dads who have missed the birth of their first born child and mothers who have missed their baby’s first words. Let’s not forget that there are soldiers that go to war an athlete and come home unable to ever walk or run again; artist that will never see or hear again; a husband that will never be able embrace his wife again. Let’s not forget that there are grieving mothers, fathers, children, siblings, husbands, wives, extended family and friends that are reminded every day of the gap they now have in their lives because of the selflessness of their lost loved one(s).

Let’s not forget that even those who are lucky enough to survive continue to suffer as they bring home with them a part of their life at war and struggle with their future. Their time is served for the remainder of their days with constant reminders and memories of their experiences as a soldier. So, let’s not forget to truly celebrate this one day and the Heroes that surround us and recognize their service, sacrifice, and suffering that they selflessly gave so that the rest of us can live in peace and in comfort.

Today I recognize my sister Jessica and my brother Will for their service and selflessness, as well my brother Jeff for his continued service and dedication to protecting us all (that includes you reading this).


Posted on November 11, 2019 at 8:20 pm
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