Bright. Spacious. Fresh.

1130 78th Ave Ct is a beautiful move-in ready, well-maintained home located in Boomerang subdivision in Windsor school district. This home has been upgraded with brand new hardwood flooring throughout, high-quality appliances, and kitchen cabinets. In addition to vaulted ceilings, the open kitchen and dining room offers plenty of space and storage with a pantry and built-in cabinet racks. The large master suite has his and hers master bath with a soaking tub and a generously sized walk-in closet with custom closet organizers. The spacious backyard, with a concrete patio, has a mature garden with several wooden planter boxes and a drip system. The tandem garage has plenty of space for parking, as well as storage with custom-built hanging storage racks. Call for your private showing at (970) 775-4030 for more information or click the link below for more details.

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Beautiful Windsor Lake Views

Be the first to enjoy the unique experience of waking up to breathtaking views of Windsor Lake at 610 Cedar Street. Located in Windsor’s Downtown District you will have immediate access to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Each unit offers high-end finishes, over-sized double pane windows in almost every room, and a charming patio to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful summer evenings. Call for your private showing at (970) 775-4030 for more information or click the link below for more details.

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Beautiful Ranch Style Home in Severance!

Well-maintained, well-built Norco Construction at 701 Ponderosa Drive in Severance with 3,148 sq/ft 3 bed, 3 bath, 3 car garage ranch style home located in the NO METRO TAX DISTRICT, low HOA community of Sunset Ridge. This custom-built home has an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings and scratch resistant hardwood floors throughout the living room and kitchen. In addition to the beautiful granite countertops and tile backsplash, the kitchen offers plenty of space for seating, as well as storage with the large pantry. The master bathroom has a custom over-sized walk-in shower, large double sink vanity, and walk-in closet. A fully carpeted and insulated basement with 1/2 bath has egress windows for easy conversion. Sitting on a large corner lot, this home offers two backyard patios, custom planter boxes, and mature landscaping. The majority of both the interior and exterior are freshly painted, making this home move-in ready!  Call for your private showing at (970) 775-4030 for more information or click the link below for more details.

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Zillow & Zestimate

The nationwide median error rate for the Zestimate for on-market homes is 1.9%, while the Zestimate for off-market homes has a median error rate of 7.5%.  

Now don’t get me wrong, my calling out of the inaccuracy of Zestimate’s off-market pricing is not a dig at Zillow. I am a big fan of Zillow, it’s marketing capabilities, and the forethought the company has to how real estate will be acquired in the future. As an agent, landlord, buyer and seller I too use Zillow and the innovative tools it offers it’s visitors. Homeowners and buyers have become accustomed to the process of engaging with Zillow before they even think about engaging with a real estate agent or lender. Because of the technology and simplicity Zillow provides, sellers can do their own homework on the potential list price of their property compared to other properties in their neighborhood. Buyers are able to visually see what homes they may be interested in purchasing or not purchasing. These are all actionable steps that help an agent down the road when the listing and buying process beings.

There is a gap though. A gap of about 7.5%. On a $400,000 house that 7.5% error in pricing is $30,000. Would you buy a home that is listed $30,000 more than it’s true value? I would guess not. Data goes like this….. junk in, junk out and Zillow’s data shows just that while they are using the information that is currently available to them. So while Zillow is gathering more accurate input, Zillow is working toward delivering a more accurate output. But until the day comes that Zillow can close that 7.5% gap, it is your real estate agent that is going to get you to a listing price that aligns with the market and your objectives.

When working with my clients, Zillow is always a discussion. I come to the table with my numbers and my sellers comes to the table with their (aka Zestimate’s) numbers. It is my job to help my client see the true value in their home. Zillow only uses data, they don’t take into consideration the amount of funding that is going into your community to build new schools, or the concrete plant that is being built between your million dollar home and that breathtaking mountain view that adds a significant premium to your home’s value. Real estate agents are equipped to advocate for their clients, to do the in-depth research that Zestimate cannot and establish realistic prices. Continue to use Zillow and Zestimate, but know that your agent is necessary in helping you set a fair-market price and navigate the process of negotiating against that price. 

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Cash Flow

There are many key performance indicators that investors use when determining if a property is worth buying or not. However, when running an analysis on any investment property, my standard measurables are Cash Flow and After Annual Tax Yield (a KPI that considers appreciation). I’ll focus in on Cash Flow as it is the primary metric used by most investors in residential real estate. 

Cash Flow, measured on a monthly and annual basis, is a property’s income minus it’s expenses. Obviously, an investor would want a property’s income to outweigh the expenses, so that money can be put in the bank every month and used for future investments.

There is a sizable list that goes into property expenses; which I will cover extensively another time, but understanding and including all expenses in the initial analysis is key to calculating the correct cash flow and keeping you out of a bad deal.

In areas like Windsor, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland, as well as anywhere in and around Denver, home affordability can be challenging. Therefore, rent can be equal to or lessor than that of a mortgage. So what would make it so appealing for an investor to invest in Colorado? Appreciation. Colorado has been on a strong trajectory with home appreciation and when homeowners and/or investors sell their properties they walk away with a generous profit.

Appreciation is just the “icing on the cake”. If your are losing money on your investment every month with a negative cash flow, then your investment isn’t a good one. Therefore, cash flow should be considered over appreciation.

To learn more about Cash Flow and setting expectations for your financial portfolio, please message or contact me  at 970.775.4030 or

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Buyer Tip – Purchasing New Construction

1. Get Your Own Agent – An agent that is knowledgeable about builders and the building process will get you up-to-speed on builders in your area and help you understand their pros and cons, set good expectations and timelines, and be there to negotiate for you.

2. Find a Lender & Get Approved – Builders often partner with lenders to provide buyer incentives. Understand what they are offering and how it can help you accomplish your purchasing goals. Shop around for other lenders as well so you can compare lender offerings.  

3. Set A “Move Date” Goal – When building a new home, a buyer can move in right away or wait weeks or even months for their new homes to be completed. Setting a “Move Date” goal will help you, your agent, and your builders establish realistic timelines.

4. Research & Choose a Builder – Do some of your own research on builders. Do you want a custom built home? Do you want to work with a well-known established community builder? Not all builders are created equal and understanding what builders are most appealing to you, and who is not, will set both you and your agent up for success.

5. Research Communities, HOAs, Metro Districts – New homes in new communities often come with homeowners associations and/or metro district taxes. Understand what the HOA and metro district offers and their costs, as well as the pros and cons of the covenants to be part of the community.

6. Know Customization Options & Costs – Most builders do what they can to accommodate a buyer’s needs. Understand what and how to request customization options from your builder by working with your agent. Don’t be afraid to request what you want. It’s your home and negotiating your needs is something the builder already expects in the process.

7. Understand Your Warranty – This isn’t the warranty on your furnace, this is the warranty in which the builder promises to repair or replace certain elements of the home, if necessary, within a certain time.

8. Get A Home Inspection – Regardless of the builder, I always recommend my buyers to still move forward with an inspection. Any issues found in the inspection can be negotiated and fixed by the builder. Better to buy a $300 inspection and fix issues prior to closing than spending thousands down the road.

These are eight of many points to understand in the purchasing and new home process. Contact me today to start your process to purchasing a new home.

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COVID-19 Mondays With Matthew April 20, 2020

This Monday’s Topic covers U.S. New Homes:  

  • New Home Sales 
  • Household Formations 
  • Year Over Year Changes in Home Ownership vs Renters 
  • New Home Supply & Demand 
  • Impacts to New Development 
  • Looking Forward –  New Home Development 

How questions or feedback? Email me at

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COVID-19 Mondays With Matthew April 14, 2020

Matthew shares his thoughts and predictions on how COVID-19 will the mortgage market.


This Monday’s Topic covers 30 Year Conventional  Loans: 

  • Mortgage Loans Relation to Bonds 
  • COVID-19 Impacts to Homeowners & Lenders
  • 2020 Mortgage Rates Predictions

Interested in hearing from Matthew on a specific topic? Email me at for requests. 

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COVID-19 Mondays With Matthew

Matthew shares his thoughts and predictions on how COVID-19 will the mortgage market.

This Monday’s Topic covers JUMBO LOANS:
– What is a Jumbo Loan 

– COVID-19 Impacts to Jumbo Loans & Bond Holders

– Bond Holder Actions

– Jumbo Loan Predictions Post COVID-19 

Join us next week for Matthew’s thoughts and predictions on the mortgage market as it relates to conventional loans.

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Coronavirus Protections for Home Buyers


As the situation develops with the COVID-19 pandemic, Windermere Real Estate is dedicated to taking steps to reduce the spread of the virus while continuing to work with home buyers. To help with this process, here are some ways you as a home buyer can keep yourself and others safe during the buying process.



❱ Only tour the property if you feel healthy.

❱ Ask your Windermere agent to show you the property instead of attending an open house.

❱ Drive separately from your agent to the property.

❱ Be considerate of the seller’s home and wash or sanitize your hands before entry, touching as little as necessary. While many sellers will likely provide it, bring your own hand sanitizer and use before and after you tour the home. You might also consider wearing disposable gloves for further safety.

❱ Ask your agent to confirm with the seller’s agent that they have not recently been sick or in contact with someone suspected of having COVID-19.

❱ Sellers often ask you to take off your shoes when you tour their home or wear protective booties that have been provided. Consider bringing your own booties and throwing them away when you’ve finished touring.

❱ Be mindful of how much you touch things in the home and minimize contact with doors and hand railings.

❱ Reduce the amount of time spent with other people in the same room. This “social distancing” practice can curb person-to-person spread.


❱ If you are currently self-quarantined because of illness or other reasons, you should not tour homes in person. Ask your Windermere agent to video chat with you while they tour the home so you can see it virtually.

❱ Do not view homes when you’re sick, feeling like you’re about to be sick, or getting over an illness.

❱ We do not recommend touring homes after returning from international travel or travel that exposed you to a large group of people in close quarters, like large events.


Find our Coronavirus Protections for Home Sellers here:

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